Drifting Motes

If we only have 12 months to save the planet, why bother? Kind of like not eating meat, not drinking alcohol, and not having sex. You won’t live any longer, it just seems that way.

Has anyone noticed how many really bad movies John Cusack has made? Maybe almost as many as Cage and Segal.

Good news: The tiger population in India has doubled in the past 12 years. This despite there being an immense market for tiger “parts”. Some guy was recently arrested in Viet Nam with 7 immature tigers, frozen, in his car. And I thought an open beer was bad.
Also in VN; Customs has intercepted 55 pieces of Rhino horn. Each horn can be worth as much as $100,000.OO (US) so this would be significant. Supposedly the horn is good for men’s “health”.

Related to the Clinton’s
? A teenager who accused a prominent local politician of rape in India has been involved in a fatal car crash, with the family and prominent opposition leaders calling foul play. After a public uproar, the CBI ( Investigation Division) was ordered to carry out an extensive investigation and filed three charge sheets last year; against a prominent, politically connected man for the alleged rape, his brother and associates for the alleged murder of the woman’s father, and others for framing the father on trumped-up charges.Back in April, after an eyewitness to her father’s beating died in mysterious circumstances, the alleged rape victim and her family lived in fear for their lives. The woman was living in hiding and had been given round-the-clock police protection, except Sunday afternoon. She was travelling without an escort, due to “lack of space in her vehicle” and at the woman’s own request.

I will not be drunk blogging on the debates. I can’t drink that much. Besides, I’d have to be totally shxtfaced to even start watching. It would be downhill from there.

Not enough Honolulu cops to “investigate” all crimes, so says the Chief. However, there are enough cops to continue to “build a strong case” against massage parlors, conducting an 8 am (?) raid, arrest nobody, force open the front door, and provide a unique photo op for the acting C&C Prosecutor. Perhaps the Chief should look at priorities.

Ever ask yourself; why is there an expiration date on bottled water? Is it the water? Or the bottle? WTF?

We have a BS flag on the play
: Ethiopia now claims the world record for tree planting. The claim is the country planted 353,633,660 “trees” in 12 hours. There are 43,200 seconds in 12 hours. That works out to 8,185 trees per second. Ethiopia has a population of about 110 million. Sorry, I don’t buy this one,the math doesn’t work. I’m glad they are planting trees, and I don’t really care how many.

Oh, Rob Reiner, kiss my azz. Just because we disagree politically, does not make me a racist and you a smart person. It doesn’t work that way.

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