Mid Week Happy Motes

Rep. Ilhan Omar believes America bears the responsibility to provide abortions for illegal immigrants. At first, Democrats said it should not be a crime to illegally cross the border in the United States. Next, they said we should provide free healthcare for all illegal immigrants. And just when you thought they couldn’t go further off the ledge, the Minnesota Democrat drove the party straight off a cliff.

Hark, the cry of the liberal loon; Free Free Tax Ban Confiscate Free Free

Some people seem to firmly believe “old white guys” are dangerous. Sweety, you have no idea. Leave me and mine alone, and you’ll never find out.

Rule of Law?
Sen. Ron Wyden (D-OR) posted a video Saturday bragging about how he had escorted an eight-and-a-half months pregnant migrant from Mexico into the U.S. Wyden does not tell viewers that the woman is a Mexican citizen and that she brought her husband and 3-year-old son with her across the border. Apparently, there are no competent maternity hospitals in Mexico. When the law makers are the law breakers, there is no law.

Chicago weekend : 48 shot, 9 dead

Trump is a racist. Trump is a hater. And yet, nobody can give a singe specific example of his use of color, nationality, or ethnicity. Not one.

Honolulu (Dan K. Inouye) Airport, Sunday July 28, at about 6:00 pm


Las Vegas has grasshoppers; but England has “seagulls”. The Brit tabloids are full of stories about the aggressive seagulls snatching food out vacationers’ hands, crapping wherever they want, and in one case snatching “Gizmo the Chihuahua“. Wow, signs of the apocalypse?

Seriously: I’ve decided to kill off a few characters in the book I’m writing. It’s an autobiography.

Just some statistics: Middle Eastern “Refugees” IN America; 91% receive food stamps,73% are on Medicare, and 63% on “cash welfare”. Statistics’ don’t lie. Right?

Last year about this time I predicted Hawaii would have a full time mandatory helmet law by the end of this year. Well, it hasn’t happened. Yet.

One thought on “Mid Week Happy Motes

  1. We are in a mess in America. There are forces working against Americans and for anyone that it’s an American citizen. It’s shameful.

    Have a fabulous day. 🙂


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