Motes of A Fine Day

Financial Observation: They are saying that in a few years we will run out of money for Social Security. I have been, and still am, paying into SS for over 55 years. And now they’re going to run out of money. How come they don’t run out money for welfare, food stamps, and unemployment? Seems to me the recipients aren’t paying into those, shouldn’t they run out first? Just sayin’.

Garlic Festival Shooting: First comments were out before the blood on the ground had dried. Some of the usual suspects: Sen. Bernie Sanders said, “This is sickening to wake up to. Our corrupt political system, which is controlled by the gun lobby, has a lot of waking up to do.” Off comment, Bernie has been part of that political system for over 40 years. Former Vice President Joe Biden asked on Twitter, “How many more families will have to lose a loved one before we fix our broken gun laws? “Off Comment; Joe was vice present for 8 years and did, well, nothing. Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand called gun violence a “national crisis.” She added, “We can’t keep ignoring this.” National crises? Huh? Rep. Tim Ryan called the shooting “heart breaking. There’s no end to gun violence in our communities until we take action.” Look at Timmy’s record. He’s been there since 2001 (18) years and hasn’t really authored anything that would stop even one attack. Rep. Julian Castro said, “Thoughts and prayers aren’t enough—we must do more to prevent these tragic attacks.” Castro is considered a longtime gun control advocate. And CNN is advising the victim on how they can “go after” the firearms manufactures. Not one word on the number of “No Guns or Weapons” signs that were liberally posted all over the area, nor any thing about the fact the shooter came dressed and prepared for “combat”, and it’s the guns fault the shooter had to cut a chain link fence in order to gain entry And one witness, who self-described as a former police cadet( as if that somehow gives for credence to whatever is said. It doesn’t); “It’s a shame that it’s happening, but I think this is just a reflection of the current political climate, wherein people are feeling more comfortable being violent”. There is no such thing as being “comfortable with violence”. I’ve been around violence, in one form or another, the majority of my life. You NEVER get comfortable with it.

Passengers on a British cruise ship descended into a bloody mass brawl — after someone in a clown costume showed up at a black-tie dinner on board, according to reports. That’s why I never go on a cruise, I don’t like clowns.

I understand there is an opening for Governor in Puerto Rico. Anybody? Anybody? Just step up. Anybody?

Wonderful weekend movie: The Best Little Whorehouse In Texas. Burt, Dolly, Dom, and Jim. Funny, sweet, and just plain enjoyable.

Every time
President Trump speaks in general tones, all these politicians suddenly decide he’s speaking about or at them. And the MSM immediately manages to write everything as if Trump names names and makes specific direct comments.He says Baltimore is a crap hill. Some guy decides Trump is talking about him. No. He’s talking about Baltimore. Hey, if you’re feeling guilty, don’t try to blame someone else. Stand-up, taking responsibility, and then do something, other than whine.

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