Motes Of A Disturbed Mind

New term I like: “The Stretch Limo Liberal” when referring to Biden or Sanders. I like it. I can think of a lot of people it could applied to.

Lazy leading the unqualified: Rep. Tulsi Gabbard says Kamala Harris is unqualified to lead as President. Says the Rep who missed 24.1% of her votes. Sen. Harris has missed 10.3 %. Seems this is the kettle calling the pot, well, black. Of course, to be fair, the median lifetime records is 1.8% missed votes. Oooopps And to think Gabbard is being considered a “moderate” and wants us to put her in the White House.

Please say a prayer for Valerie Harper and her husband. She is in the end stages of Cancer and he is refusing to place her in a hospice. A hospice is where you go to die. They have been together for 40 years and he isn’t wiling to let her go alone. My heart and prayers go out to them having experienced this in my life. If he is willing to take on the caregiver role until the end, God be with them both.

Do I like large sharp pointy objects? Why yes, yes I do.


Absolute proof the world is not flat. If it were, a cat would have already pushed everything off the edge.

Is she really happy with you? Or simply suffering from PGAD? (Google it. 😊 😊)

But she is not a racist: “Our country should be more fearful of white men because they’re actually causing most of the deaths within this country” & “We should be profiling, monitoring and creating policies fighting the radicalization of white men.” Rep. I. Omar

This is Disgusting, but it is war: Last year, 57 children died in northern Nigeria after being strapped with explosives by Boko Haram, according to data from the United Nations. About 67% of them were girls. In Boko Haram’s evolving strategy, children as young as 10 are helping to construct the bombs as well. They stuff nails and ball bearings as shrapnel into vests for other children to wear, and then euphoric crowds cheer on the bomb carriers, say survivors of Boko Haram This year, U.S. Army trainers will travel to 22 countries to conduct 52 courses. More than half will take place in the Lake Chad region. Never forget, this is a war. This is how “they” fight. It will come to America if we don’t really wake up.

According to D.L.Hughley; a “devil worshiper” is better for American than me. I am a military veteran, a Christian, spent 15 years in Law Enforcement protecting the people, and yet because I support President Trump, I am reviled as vacant, racist, dumb, bigoted, gun totting (humm) bible thumping, unpatriotic, sub-human. Okay, don’t hold back. Tell me how you really feel. And I am evil. No, you want to know about evil, read my prior entry. Strapping children into bombs is evil.

Romantic Brit Headline: My Best Friend is upset I had sex with his sister and now she’s not happy either. Once again, the sun will never set on the British Emopire.

Your tax dollars at work
; Three-Million-dollar Study Finds Link Between Excessive Drinking and Aggressive Nightclub Behavior. The National Institute of Health (NIH) provided the Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation $2,897,322 for the study. Oh, they also gave PIRE another $300k to study bars along the U.S. and Mexico border. Time to remember 2 things. 1) The government has no source of income except the taxpayer; and B) Remember #1 at election time.

One thought on “Motes Of A Disturbed Mind

  1. I didn’t know about Valerie Harper. Thanks for letting me know.

    White men seem to be the problem with everything in America. Right. That coming from a bigot.

    Have a fabulous day and week. 🙂


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