What the F Motes

And you thought your pittbull was bad: In Santa Cruz an “aggressive” mother squirrel and her infants had to be moved due to continuing attacks from the adult. And we all thought the “meth fed attack squirrel” was just a story.

In France; “Perverts In The Bushes” are ruining a nude park in Paris. The almost 2 acre area of park is open to “naturists” from April to October but a number of naturists have complained their peace is being disturbed by the “reprehensible” actions of some non-nudists. This coincides with local residents complaints of voyeurs and exhibitionists.

When you order buffalo wings, do you ever give any thought to all the poor, flightless buffalo wandering the plains?

The headline read: Star Boxer Dies After His Latest Fight; The Reason Why Is Incredibly Tragic. How about the fact he’s dead? Isn’t that “tragic” enough? The article’s author goes on to talk about the violent sport of boxing and how he’s sure nothing will be done etc, blah blah blah. Now it is time to save the boxers from themselves. If you don’t like the violence of boxing, my suggestion is DON’T WATCH IT. Oppps, that would mean acting and making decisions like an adult. What was I thinking?

What kind of a life style do you live when you have your own “crisis manager”? Just asking for my friend R. Kelly.

The current FBI director says that most “domestic terrorism” arrests this year are white supremacist- and white nationalist-motivated Maybe that because the “Black Lives Matter” and “ANTIFA” thugs seem immune to arrest. Even when recordings of the beatings and assaults are posted virally. And I’m willing to wager that most of these white supremacist “crimes” were discovered by the use of undercover operators and “pseudo” sympathizers. I guess the Feebee’s don’t have anyone undercover with BLM or Antifa. Any bettors? I thought not.

Anyone else notice the pharma corps seem to always raise prices, right after your open enrollment closes. Just saying.

Does anyone know how a private citizen can ask for Congressional Censure of a congressperson? Can an individual ask or demand a count? Can a citizen ask his/her “representative” to ask for censure?

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