Off Side Motes

Headline in The Daily Beast: Trump Moves To Kick Out More Immigrants Without Hearings”. Man that sounds bad doesn’t it? They do, within the body of the article, say these are people that have been in the U.S. illegally for over 2 years. And since when do non-citizens get to demand the same rights as a citizen? What has happened to the rule of law? When the law makers are the law breakers, we have lost. Hear that de Blasio, AOC, Rashid, Sanders?

Not sure if this is an error, or a comic commentary
; Headline from the New York Post. “De Blasio’s 78 degree “diktat” was an empty stunt.” The quotes are mine. I always thought the word was spelled dictate, but maybe they spelled it the way they meant it.

Is that the cry of the liberal loon? Free- free- free- ban-tax- reparations- confiscate. Why yes, yes it is.

Yes, Andy Ngo is a journalist. Yes, he is a gay man. Yes, he was beaten, recorded being beaten, held to public ridicule, and suffering brain injury because he deserved it. Why? SHUT UP HATE MONGER.

Hit them where it hurts.: Immigrant groups want Marriot to cancel Customs and Border Patrol convention. Because if they don’t cancel it, they (the immigrants) will all go to the Motel8 instead. You know how they love to stay in those upper level places.

Our Chicago Count for this weekend; 43 shot, 2 dead. (Hang on folks, we’re going for a record here.)

Per the Italian Police: Nigerian Mafia Being Radicalized By Islamic Influences. Does this mean I won’t get my Sweepstakes winning’s?

This going to end badly: New game in New York city. Some mental giant has decided it will be fun to throw a bucket of water on police officers while they are in the process of subduing suspects or otherwise occupied. Blindsiding a cop is never a good idea, but to promote it is not going to make you friends and influence people. It’s going to get someone, other than the cops, hurt. Hurt badly. How long before someone adss something to that water, or maybe just uses something other than water? HOw long?

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