Motes On The River Of My Mind

It wasn’t enough to “storm” Area 51,now they want to “storm” Loch Ness. Why can’t they just leave her alone?

WTF. A “rapper” has been sentenced to a long prison term for planning and participating in an armed home invasion that resulted in a mans death. That doesn’t surprise me at all. What does, is this person “recorded” a “song” that appeared on the Billboards Hot 100 ( whatever the hell that means any more), and it was done WHILE HE WAS ON THE RUN FROM POLICE. The recording has garnered 174 Million hits. But You Tube repeatedly shuts down conservative video’s for “subject matter”. WTF

Ask for a little prayer for the music legend John Prine if you get time. He one is of the greatest writers and entertainers of all time and health problems have caused him to cancel up-coming shows. Heart conditions and surgery are complicated and he can use all the help he can get.

Romantic Headline of the day: My Boyfriend Slept With My Step-Mother; What Do I Do? Okay, I’ll bounce this one back to you. Any answers?

Can anyone tell me what the “Gun Show Loophole” is? After 45 years of gun shows, in 5 different states, I have yet to find this unicorn. Maybe we need another law that says if it can’t be found, it doesn’t exist.

I read the story of the bison (American buffalo) throwing a 9 year old girl into the air after charging the group she was with. People, they are not pets. They deserve your respect and that means don’t get into their space. What is their space? All they want. I feel badly for the girl, it’s too bad she has such stupid parents, that will hinder her the rest of her life. Avoid all calls to “Kill the buffalo”.

I see where the WWE is coming back to Honolulu. I wonder if they need a “seasoned” ring announcer? Be fun.


I was the ring announcer for this show. I got to introduce the “dignitaries” like Ripper Collins, Friday Alman, Lord Tally Ho Blears, Don Muraco, Mr. Fuji and Curtis The Bull Iaukea into the ring and call for the 10 toll of the ring bell. Yep, that was me. In fact, IIFC I wrote several of the articles for the “program” that night. All BS of course, but I even remember my interview with Kevin Sullivan, at “his taboo cave hidden in the far corner of an unnamed valley in Kahuku”. Remind me to tell you about Kevin knocking a guy out on our way to Trappers one night.

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