Mote Notes

From The Blaze
; Mainstream media outlets, presidential candidates, and even Comrade de Blasio, have jumped the shark on “racism”. The Honorable (not really) Rep. Erica Thomas (D) has become the “victim” of racism. Unfortunately, it appears this is another exaggerated confrontation. Actually, let’s call it what it is, A LIE. In my opinion Thomas should, at the very least, receive censure from her peers. Yeah, that’s gonna happen.

In the Ukraine, at least they are honest. Sometimes we think we have elected a bunch of comics to run our country, the Ukrainians actually elected a comic as president. It appears he is actually trying to do his job but is meeting with some resistance. They have an actual funny guy, we have people that think they’re presidents, and are funnier than the real comics.

Shocked I tell you, simply shocked: Another politician lied. In Florida a candidate for the State House tells a harrowing story of being in the ER the night of the Pulse Terror attack. There she claimed she removed 77 bullets from the victims. She stated it was even harder because she is gay, and “these were my people”. Problem here is she doesn’t have a medical license and was not employed, in any manner, with the medical facility that handled the victims. And has admitted she may have fabricated the whole story.

Does it get any dumber than this?: Ivanka Trump is being smeared as a “Nazi” by Nancy Lee Grahn, a “Soap Star”( a what?), because she bought a dog for her daughter. A white dog. (Gasp, oh the humanity of it all) Grahn is apparently one of the unhinged that never lets the truth get in the way of her expressing her disdain for the President. She has even used altered picture to blame President Trump for abusing children. Doesn’t bother her a bit that the original picture was from the reign of Hussain the First.

Somebody said that Bette Midler had to be careful of what she says as she might damage her career. Sorry, there’s nothing there to damage.

What part of disgusting is unclear?; Drag Queen Story Hours being held in “public library’s” for tender age children. And if the whole thing is “non-sexual” why do the libraries take down pictures of the events. Sorry, this is wrong. What would the say to an “adult men and small girls story hour”?

Well, Kamala Harris’ campaign is over. She’s p.o.’d Taylor Swift fans. She might as well just give up.

In Long Island, NY. A 35-year-old American Bald Eagle, named Sammy was snatched from the Qougue Wildlife Refuge. Sammy was brought to the refuge 30 years ago after being illegally shot and having part of his right wing(?) amputated. He lives at the refuge a good life with food and friendships but is not “tame”. Now why the hell would someone steal a crippled eagle? What is wrong with these people?

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