Little White Motes

Clothes make the Student: Austin Texas; Under the new proposed dress code, students would be allowed to wear hats, sweatshirts with hood up, athletic gear and even pajamas. Specifically for girls, spaghetti straps, tank tops, halter top and shorts of any length, as long as their buttocks are covered, would be permitted. The draft says bra straps and underwear waistbands could also show under the new rules. But I’ll bet you still can’t wear a MAGA hat or a Harley Davidson t-shirt. Also boys can dress as girls, and girls can dress as boys, but who can tell?

Brit Headline for Today: My Husband and I Fell In Love With The Same Woman. There’s just no place to go from here. Also, did you know, or care, that in Britain there is a “Meet Me at McDonald’s” haircut? I think it has something to do with an ad campaign but not really sure. The “Sun” has a story of a young boy “banned” from his “prom” for showing up with the haircut. Hey, I don’t explain them. I’m as lost as everyone else.

In France; In 2017 an elderly (66) Jewish woman was beaten severely, and then thrown from a third floor to her death. A judge has ruled the killer was not responsible for his actions because “he was high on pot at the time”. What the judge did not say was the killer, identified by the police as a young Muslim male, quoted recitations from the Quran, and shouted “Allah Akbar” while police waited for the arrival of an “anti-terrorist” unit. The police later identified the incident as a “hate crime”. In France, smoke a joint, kill someone, and walk away.

Reported in the “<Gateway Pundit”; “Ilhan Omar’s Marriage to Brother Was a Sham-It Is Widely Circulated in Somali Community That Her Brother Is Gay”. Maybe being married to his sister turned him that way. I know that is she was the only woman in my life…, that’s much too horrible to even contemplate. But how come the MSM doesn’t pick up on this? Because “SHUT UP. RACIST!”

Missed A Date of Note: July 14 (1881) was the “killing” of William “Billy the Kid” Bonney. It is held that Sheriff Pat Garrett shot Billy dead, in the dead of night (11:30 pm). Garrett had trouble collecting the bounty and wasn’t paid until over a year later. The Kid was actually “pardoned” by the state Governor Lew Wallace ( also the author of “Ben Hur”) but it was never officially accepted. Several later attempts to activate that pardon failed. Many movies, stories, and songs have been done about Billy. One of my favorites is “Pat Garrett and Billy The Kid” with Kris Kristofferson and James Colburn. Hero? Outlaw? Me, I think the truth is somewhere in the middle. He was just a man.

Cher has come out says President Trump is “Doing Birth of A Nation 2”. Well, if anyone knows anything about doing a “return tour” it is Cher. I just wish she’d stick to return tours and keep her “political” (and that’s a real stretch of the word) views to herself.

File this under “If you’re gonna do it, do it right”: A Maryland man has been charged with stealing 18 vehicles, in 24 hours (Breitbart News) Now that’s doing it right.

“Don’t Know Much About History” (think Sam Cooke melody) : Rep. Omar is now likening Israel to the Nazi’s. How stupid can you be? But it appears she takes that as a challenge and not a rhetorical statement.

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