Motes Of A Mind

Recently a black law professor publicly shamed and ridiculed a white student who had the audacity to show up to class wearing a MAGA hat. Even though the student was not named, the size of the school and the description of the classroom would leave it very easy to ascertain. The professor made all sorts of claims and conclusions about the student and his underlying and unspoken racism without regard to the first rule of law, (remember this is a law professor), evidence. When the hell are these “woke” people going to wake up? Sometimes a hat is just a hat.

Can someone, anyone, tell me how to drop the “reply to all” button from everyone’s else’s computer? Please. PLEASE!

Well, they finally ended the witch hunt investigation into the death of Eric Garner in New York city. Garner died while being restrained and arrested by NYPD officer for a misdemeanor. The video and the other evidence gathered in the investigation “does not establish beyond a reasonable doubt that the officer acted willfully in violation of federal law,” This was the application of the police “choke hold” or “rear naked choke” which is now banned by most departments. I have used that hold literally hundreds of times. This death was the result of other physical problems of the deceased, not the restraining hold used. Still, a tragedy.

Headline that wasn’t needed; Miley Cyrus is getting boring. What do you mean “getting”?

In (formerly) Great Britain; Doctors see a significant rise in “punishment” stabbings. They say that they are seeing many “spoking” injuries. This is when you take the spoke of a bicycle, sharpen it to a fine point, and then you stab people with it. Kind of like kneecapping in the old IRA days. It is also reported that some Somali mothers are sending their sons BACK to Somalia to escape the violent drug gangs and punishment stabbings. Back to escape violence? OMG, let’s pass a law against it. We did? How’s it working?

Once again Tulsi is missing the boat. I mean vote. So far this year she has missed 24.1% of the House votes. This gives her the ninth WORST record for voting this year. It’s not like they weren’t important bills. Among those she missed; National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2020; an amendment to the NDAA to prevent President Trump “from launching a military strike on Iran without prior congressional approval; the bill to reauthorize funding for the September 11th Victim Compensation Fund; nor did she vote to defeat a Republican bill “to develop low-yield, or tactical, nuclear weapons for use on specific battlefields.” It would seem that these are the same things she is always talking about, but not important enough for her to vote on.

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