Good Morning Motes

In the FISA warrants situation. Why haven’t the judges been identified? Why haven’t they been questioned about how they signed off on these provably false warrants? Just asking for a friend.

Headline with a future: Amazon Staff will strike during Prime Day, over work conditions. And they really expect to have jobs the next day. Wow, the world has changed.

Satire? Not really sure. Sounds authentic. Bill de Blasio: “Glad Fourth Of July Is Over So We Can All Be Normal Again Instead Of Patriotic”“Don’t get me wrong,” de Blasio said, “America’s an OK country, but it’s got lots of problems. Some people aren’t making $15 an hour, some people don’t have their reparations yet, some people can still buy guns. Trouble EVERYWHERE. But every year, we have to do all that flag-waving, rah-rah garbage because the idiots in Iowa paint stars and stripes on their tractors and sing Lee Greenwood songs. It’s pandering, it’s nauseating, and I’m glad we can put it away for another year. Now, let’s talk about my new program that I guarantee will somehow improve your lives by taking money away from rich people and giving it to my new Department of Spending.” From the MaddMedic so it might be satire. Or not.

France is the latest country to authorize killing people that aren’t dying. In America we call it murder. In Europe they call it “mercy” and instead of just giving them something to assist the process, they let them starve to death. See then it’s not euthanasia, but natural causes. Take someone, who cannot care for themselves, deprive them of food, water, and medication and they will naturally die. But to call it anything less than barbaric is to put a very low price on human life and dignity..

else think the timing for the Epstein charges, and all the huhu it’s creating, is just a little suspicious? I mean, we still haven’t heard from the FISA judges, the full facts on Clintons e-mails, Google’s plans to influence the elections, Biden’s Ukrainian contracts, Biden’s China contracts, or AOC’s flat out misrepresentations at the border. Sometimes I think I think too much, maybe not this time.

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