Little Motes From My Head

So far this year, Saudi Arabia has beheaded 115 “criminals”. You know what I’d call that if we did it in America? A good start.

Watched the “Deadwood” movie this weekend. Once you get passed the Shakespearian cadence to the dialogue it was really good. It left several unanswered questions and the path open for future works. Me, I liked it.

They are determined to save us, from us: California has become the first state to ban discrimination against “natural hair”. I thought discrimination against anyone (except white Christian males), as illegal. So, it’s so bad they had to pass another law.

Another Headline not needed
: California politicians want more Federal money to keep doing a terrible job. Like I said, wasn’t needed. Just some specifics to round out the day. The national statistics says there is about 3.6% unemployment. Fredrica Wilson, who says anybody that criticizes or makes fun of Congress should be punished, her district has 17% unemployment. “Impeach 45” Maxine Waters, her district has 11.3%. How about Ms. A.O.C.? The area she “represents” has 9.1%. Representative Ilhan Omar has a nice 9.5% unemployment. Hawaii’s own Tulsi Gabbard and her “specials” are at 9.6 %, the rest of Hawaii is 2.8%. While we are looking, Kamala Harris has a district running 4.3%. But our winner is Rashida Tlaib, her area has 24.7% unemployment. These people say they can help the country. The country is doing fine, but you can’t say the same for the people they are representing

Big talk about “Reparations”. From 1619 to 1700 there were over 500,000 (half a million) white, Irish Catholic’s sold into slavery. The Irish were considered cheaper and easier to replace than Africans. Let’s not even go into the Irish Potato Famine. Reparations? How about my uncle hanged by the British in 1916 and his entire family forcibly “migrated” to America. My father’s people were sold diseased blankets and whiskey and then moved onto “special” living areas. You know, reservations. Where does my line start?

Gun Laws Work; Chicago 66 shot, at least 5 dead; Detroit 9 shot, 1 dead; Philly, 4 shot; St. Louis 13 wounded. Yep, let’s pass some more laws. Oh, and post stronger “Gun Free Zone” signs. That’ll show them.

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