Left Over Motes

Update On Congress Critter and Cowgirl Fredrica Wilson: Others have expressed similar opinions but Michael Z. Williamson wins the Internet so far. This is just part of one of the first paragraphs of Challenge Accepted, Congresswhore
“Per the First Amendment, Common Law, and in fact, Common Sense, I have the right to mock you however I wish. If I think you have the manners of a Denebian Slime Devil, then that’s what I’ll say. If I think you’re a textbook Demorrhoid–ignorant, retarded, bigoted, stupid and humorless–I’ll say so.” Recently I heard the Honorable, and that’s a stretch on the word, Congressperson speaking. It’s really hard to listen to that much stupid at a single sitting, especially when it’s in a voice that would make the Wicked Witch of Anywhere cringe. This woman’s voice is a combination of fingernails on a blackboard and the screeching of a constipated chicken at roust and made me want to get out of by car, while on the freeway, to escape it.

Why did all of the television “news” on ABC,NBC, CBS, MSNBC, and CNN refuse to provide any coverage of President Trump’s 4th Of July parade in Washington D.C., but lots of coverage’s for “Gay Pride” parades everywhere? Could it be they are “prejudiced”? Fox news did cover but that’s because they’re in Trumps back pocket.

Sarah Hoyt, a great writer , has a wonderful article in the July 4 PJ Media post regarding Robert A. Heinlein, another great writer. For an American by choice, not birth, she has wonderful insight on why the left hates us, and R.A.H.

4th Of July: Noticeable in the lack of fireworks in Hilo. Very little as compared to New Years. Dogs were thankful.

Lessons from Daddy (snark): Never play cards with a man whose first name is a city (he probably ain’t allowed there); Never but anything from anybody named “Honest” (he probably ain’t); and never borrow money from someone named “Guido The Knife”.

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