Weekend Motes and I Am Glad

Regarding that POS involved in the vehicle/motorcycle accident that killed the members of the Jarheads M/C in New Hampshire; this POS had drug and traffic related arrests in SIX DIFFERENT STATES. And still had a commercial drivers license. He had been arrested on May 11 for refusing to take a chemical DUI test. The head of the New Hampshire state DMV has resigned, and that is a good start but there needs to be a few more heads go to the chopping block. Just my opinion.

Gotta love the Brit’s ; Headline: “I want to break up with my boyfriend, but he’s better in bed than my husband.” Where to go from here?

Hollywierd Heard From (Again): Rob Reiner and Rosie O’Donnell declare “Trump Is Evil”, while offering no specific evidence of his evilness. Both are now blaming the President for the crises at the border. Even tho’ both went on the record (tweets screen captured and posted on 1/8/19) as saying the was no crises at the border and this was manufactured by the administration. Which is it guys? There is or there isn’t. Or did it just become a crisis since you last put your foot in your mouth?

Florida Food Fights: A Florida man was arrested and charged with domestic battery after he reportedly poured ketchup over his sleeping girlfriend, who he believed was having an affair. Florida man desperate to heat up some egg rolls was arrested after allegedly shoving his on-again-off-again girlfriend when she refused to let him into her house. After a tough few days, a server at a Florida restaurant was shocked to receive a $5,000 tip from a customer who had ordered a small meal last week. But it turns out the woman who left the sizable tip had charged it to her boyfriend’s credit card as revenge.The tipper was arrested.

It might just be me, but aren’t our “elected” persons, city, state, and federal, are supposed to “represent” us, the voters? Lately I see a whole bunch of bills, some soon to be laws, but I don’t remember a single time when, I as one of those voters, was asked what I thought of idea behind that bill. Nobody has even tried to explain the thought process behind even one of these bills. Not Once. So just who do they represent? Certainly not me. Anybody ever asked? No? So I have to ask, just who do these people represent? Or a better question, who do these people benefit?

A sad good-bye to Arte Johnson (90) of Laugh In, and many other television productions. His “Very Intrrresttting” “Nazi” soldier was inspired for the time. He made me laugh. No higher tribute needed.

Remember our warning about eating lizards? Let’s also include slugs. The state has confirmed three additional cases of rat lungworm disease. One visitor got sick after purposely eating a slug on a dare while visiting East Hawaii in December 2018. Repeat after me: Slugs are not in our food chain.

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