Motes Close To Home

It’s not a “Concentration Camp‘: if you can walk away, back home, and nobody will chase you. Yes, the BPS people may make out of line jokes, treat some detainees with some disdain, and no that isn’t right. They are law enforcement officers and should be held to a high standard. Years ago I took the Border Patrol Exam, and finished in the top 3% of the country. Two months later there was a federal hiring freeze that held for several years. Seven months before the freeze was lifted, I passed the maximum allowable age and was dropped from consideration. Over the years I have made a number of friends that were active Border Patrol Officers and to a man they were as good an officer as I’d ever worked with. But the conditions will take their toll. Read about the Stanford Experiment of 1971. This was an experiment, it was supposed to last 7-14 days but was stopped and ended after six days. This was a nine to twelve guard to prisoner ratio. On the border is often hundreds of prisoners to each guard, day in and day out for months, and many of the detainees are not nice persons. Not to say we should cut the guards any slack for misconduct but know that it happens to all humans.

I really like it when someone (Kaperdick) quotes a truly great individual ( Fredrick Douglas) to make a specific point and then gets taken to the woodshed (ask Grandpa what that means) by individuals that use the same speech to completely destroy their argument. Yeah!

With the party switching of Justin Amash (R-Mich) I would like to renew my call of action against those that pull this stunt. If you are elected as a specific party, and I don’t care if it is Democrat, Republican, or Whig, you serve as a member of that party until your term is over. If you want to change in the middle, well you give up your position and let the party appoint your replacement. I don’t care if you really follow the party line, which Amash did not, at least maintain the appearance of having some integrity (again which Amash did not).

What is the biggest hurdle facing the Democrat candidates? Well, I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say, TRUTH? So far, they all seem to stumble on it only by accident.

You know, I keep reading about people wearing MAGA on their hats, getting a brunch of crap from lesser advanced lifeforms. Me, I wear one and I don’t get any flack. Of course, I’m not 14 years old, I am a combat veteran, a former police officer, and don’t exactly look like a pussy. Of course, this is the patch on the other side of the hat. Might make a difference.


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