Not Soapbox Motes, well maybe a little.

Bernie says; “Every American is entitled to health care.” No, he didn’t say that, not really. He actually said what we need to do is “..create a health system, guaranteeing health care for all people without insurance companies…” So, he actually wants us (the tax payers, because the government has no “income” except taxes) to pay for everyone’s free health care. Instead of giving free health care to “all people”, why doesn’t he start with the elderly. My wife’s medication, after health insurance, is almost as much as my mortgage. Without the insurance I’d have to choose between the home and the wife. Which is why at 72 I still work full time. And every morning when I get up, I wished I could retire. But I can’t.

President Trump has lowered the cost of prescription medication by over 13% and wants another 27 to 35% before the end of his next term. I could then retire. But I’m not holding my breath.

Comrade DeBlasio is taking it a step further left, he says that “gender reassignment surgeries” should be covered by taxpayer dollars. So we should fund the sexually mixed up. Huh?

Now, it has become acceptable for waitresses to spit on customers as a “political statement”. Or to beat journalists filming a protest, throw “milkshakes” on people with whom you disagree, and to verbally abuse someone when they try to eat a quiet family dinner. When, and not if, the people being subjected to this decide they have had enough, will the MSM and such be as forging and understanding? Who am I kidding? So much for civility and respect.

Cory “I am Spartacus” Booker is now saying that former V-P Joe Biden is “causing pain with his words” which I sure as hell would prefer to have than the pain caused the “concrete” milkshake or the “assault gloves”( worn by the Antifa thugs) that are currently being used to “cause pain”. And probably better than the “urine” attack called for by Buttigeig staffer Samantha Pollara in a recent FB posting. Like I said, civility and respect.

And speaking of Buttibig, if elected he has promised to have the Department of Defense create “more effective” “Gun Free Zone” signs as a way to combat “mass shootings”. Sure, that’ll stop those nasty shootings.

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