Usual Monday Motes

They Just Make It Up: Candidate Booker has started quoting a questionable study that states” Science has proven that tougher background checks reduce homicides by 40%. The entire “study” does not contain any proof to uphold any of its findings and is based entirely a computer model. Booker also likens the issue of “license to purchase” to the issue of a driver’s license. Only thing, if I have a driver’s license in Utah I can drive in Hawaii, Texas, or New York. Therefor, if I have a gun permit from Utah, shouldn’t I be able to carry my firearm the same way? No. Because I said so that’s why.

I Gotta Ask, Why? : Cannabis “light” is the big thing in Italy. It’s likened to “decaf” marijuana. Like I said, Why.

Meme: Between them Sanders and Biden have a total of 60+ years in politics. Now, they want to “fix” things.

If Laws Really Worked: Why don’t we make Cancer illegal? That will stop it. Right. right?

Lauren Hogg, sister of loudmouth David, is now claiming that “a couple of angry teenagers with twitter” caused the fall and closing of NRATV. If there is anything NRA members could agree on, he had nothing to do with it. They did it to themselves.

Check You Stock Portfolio: The demand for whale meat is down. So why has Japan restarted Whale Hunting after 31 years? They’re only allowed to hunt 227 whales, that’s what 30 percent of the current population? Can anyone please explain this to me. Oh, I know, Trump is a racist.

Watched “Hotel Mumbai” this weekend. The film, based of the 2008 Islamic attacks in 12 different locations in Mumbai, India and ending with the siege of the Taj Mahal Hotel, a glorious and elegant reminder of days gone by. It depicts the attackers as young men completely sold on the idea of “Jihad” and that paradise awaits those who die in the “name of Allah”, and are controlled by “The Bull”. It depicts the dangers of true believers and their single mindedness. It is not a fun movie. But much like “Shake Hands With The Devil” it tells a story that so very few know, or remember. And like “Shake”, it portrays several common people, that become uncommon heroes. Well worth the watch.

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