Soapbox Alert Soapbox Alert (you’ve been warned)

We are a nation of laws. Way too many laws. Most of those laws are written with the idea every citizen needs to be protected from themselves or that most citizens are incapable of thinking like an adult and making a decision like an adult. Example, no smoking in bars laws. What is wrong with putting a sign, “Smoking Establishment” on the door. If you’re afraid or cautious about second hand smoke, act like an adult (You are supposed to be an adult to go in anyway) and don’t enter. Likewise, if you want to smoke, and the door says “Non-Smoking Establishment”, you act like an adult and DON’T GO IN. But no. The city, county, state, and country have to protect you from, well, you.
I also hate these “representatives” that speak, and write in their ”newsletters” and pamphlets in the imperial third person. Don’t tell we what “we” did this session. I had nothing to do with it. Tell me what YOU did in my interests.

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