My Motes, Not Yours

A Brazilian military officer, on a trip to the G20 meetings, in Japan, with the President of Brazil, is caught with 86 pounds of cocaine. Says it was for personal consumption. Then admitted he might have a problem.

Another Hollywierd Heard From: Ellen Barkin, currently starring as the mildly psychotic mother figure in “Animal Kingdom” has jumped the shark by declaring Trump supporters and the GOP “the most extreme right-wingers since the Nazis”. It’s a shame. I kind of liked the show. Why is it we pay someone to act, they think we pay for their opinions as well? And Cher is back making incorrect claims about laws, in a state where she doesn’t live. She got her law degree where?

Do you know the salesman at Men’s Warehouse get’s flustered when you ask him to fit your new suit over concealable body armor? Just saying.

And He Wants To Be President: Buttbig says Trump making China more attractive than America, and then praises China. I wonder how many Chinese have tried to come to America, and vice-a-versa.

Key words from the Demo debate; Tax, Confiscate, Open, Free, Free, and Free. Yeah, that’s real substantive. And now Jimmy Carter says a complete investigation will show Trump lost in 2016. Why didn’t he tell us sooner? I guess that’s all settled.

Blade HQ has a thing called “Knife Banter”. A video interview with knife users and makers. The latest has a nice interview with my buddy Ken Onion. Give it a look.

Everybody feels badly for the father and daughter that lost their lives trying to cross a river into the U.S. But let’s look at some facts. The father was told they didn’t qualify as “asylum seekers” and would have to wait for the immigration process. The father was told, from reports many people, that he should not attempt to cross the river at that location. His mother told him not to go in the first place. True , he was trying to build a better life for his family, but why take a 23 month old baby from El Salvador to the Texas boarder ( over 1,900 miles) and then try and cross a river with her. Sorry, I feel for the family, but the pair died due to poor decisions, not my country’s immigration policy.

And final, Headline: Naked Moped Rider Stopped By German Police. But he was wearing a helmet.

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