Motes From Another Mother

They all want Trump charged with obstruction, but how about the press secretary for Comrade Bernie. Belen Sisa, an undocumented alien under the DACA program, sent out an e-mail blast warning to the campaign supporters list warning them of the (then) impending ICE raids. No mention of how many people were “blasted” but shouldn’t that fall under interfering with government operations. Just asking for friend.

Hollywood Good-Bye’s: Billy Drago, the psychotic Frank Nitti in the “Untouchables” and the villain of “Brisco County Jr.”. And Max Wright, the much put-upon father of the house occupied by “Alf”. He was everyman, who has a smartass, cat eating, alien for a house guest.

Is it true that the recent pictures of AOC’s anguish were not taken while she gazed upon the “concentration camp” of migrant children? If so, shouldn’t she be censured, in session, by congress, for the misleading and provably false narrative the pictures portray?

June 26 was the Congressional Baseball game. It is a 110 year tradition. It was almost destroyed June 24, 2017 when some guy tried to kill one team. He ended up shooting 7 people, engaging in a gunfight with security personnel, and grievously wounding a sitting Congressman. And nobody remembers his name. There are silent vigils for the gay people shot, vigils for school children shot, but nobody gives a damn about the Republican Congressman who came under fire while playing baseball. MSM hasn’t even reminded everyone on what happen “this day in history”. And the shooter has been all but erased from history.

Everyone wants to know “Who won the Democrat debates”? All I can ask, “Who cares”? The candidate has already been decided and all this is a dog and pony show for the masses who think it’s an “election”. If we don’t do something about voter fraud, ballot harvesting, and unlawful “mail-in” voting, it won’t matter who you vote for, it’s who “they “ decided will run the county and your life.

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