Motes On The Half Shell

Want to lower the cost of college? Stop paying teachers (professors) 200k a year to teach a 2 hour class twice a week. Stop paying the college “president” 500k a year to run a over large adult day care center.

Hand salute: to Staff Sergeant David G. Bellavia. Awarded the Medal of Honor. The first living soldier of the Iraq conflict to be so honored.

Ever notice how many of the “starving migrants” at the boarder have first class cell phones? Again I ask, who is funding all these people. They can’t walk across Mexico without eating. So who’s feeding them?

Recently someone asked me if I “support” the LBGTQ community and were quite upset when I said NO. They did allow me to explain and went away a little less ruffled. I do not “support” the LBGTQ “community”. “Supporting” would mean I promote or agree with the entity. I do not. Especially when it comes to indoctrination the young. I am not “anti” either. I will “accept” their choice. “Accepting” and “supporting” are two different things. At least in my mind.

Recently I had a “letter to the editor” published where I stated victims should not be allowed to sue the gun manufacturers if a firearm is used in the crime. The letter garnered over 100 comments. The Star Advertiser printed a response letter with the usual “Guns are made for killing cars are made for transportation” argument. The newspaper seldom publishes a rebuttal to a response (whatever that would be called) so my response never appeared. So here it is;
Yes, firearms are made for a specific purpose, just like an automobile. It is made for a specific legal and lawful purpose. It is not the manufacturers fault if an individual uses their product in an illegal or unlawful manner. You don’t want to sue the whiskey maker or the beer brewer when a drunk driver gets in an accident. Why do you want to hold the firearms maker to a different standard? Other than it fits your “disarm the masses “scenario.

My deepest sympathy to the Chapman family on their loss.. No matter how I feel about the A&E stars, no family should have to go through this pain. God bless.

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