Just Motes

Something that really bugs me is when the guy on television or in a movie casually tucks his handgun into the back of his waistband. No holster, just tucks it in and usually without even a belt. This is a stupid and unsafe way to carry a firearm. (Watch John Wick, all guns are carried in holsters.) Stuffing a gun in your pants is a good way to shoot yourself in the ass, drop the gun down your pant leg, or bobble a draw because the gun shifted in which case see the previous 2 problems. Dumb dumb dumb

Want it both ways? Workers at Wayfair, an online furniture company, want to protest the sale of its furniture to the government. The purpose of the furniture, for use in boarder shelters for children. Here our government is trying to provide a little comfort of children, who are actually sort of caught in the middle of this “immigrant” thing, but the employees don’t want their company to sell the furniture. The companies business is to sell furniture. Let me get this straight, you want to government to do something about the poor immigrant children, but you don’t want them to use the product of your employer. Sorry, the logic here escapes me. But I would like to know how many “pink slips” get sent out. My guess, the same as those going to jail over “Russian Collusion”; NONE

Nobody seems to remember the “Olympic” games were original the non-lethal tests for warriors. They were warrior skills, running, strength, and weapons (fencing, javelin or hammer). I don’t remember much ice-dancing during the Peloponnesian wars but somehow that and synchronized swimming have become “sports”. They have done away with real warrior testing like the modern pentathlon and now want to include “break dancing”.

I May Have To Argue
: Posted in “The Phantom Soapbox”; Most People Are Not Assholes”. Like I said, I may have to argue with that one.

A bunch of horse puckey about Buttigeg attending the Democrat debates while South Bend IN, where he is still mayor, is in “crisis”. How come nobody is asking Tulsi the same question. Of yeah, it’s only the state of Hawaii that’s involved. I mean, it’s not like she does anything for us anyway.

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