More One Liner Motes, (and some longer)

Ya gotta love people that say “No” to a White House visit, before they’ve been asked. Just getting ahead I guess.

George Conway says E. Jean Carroll ‘s accusation against Trump is more “credible” than Anita Broderick’s charges against Bill Clinton. Let’s see, Broderick’s claim was made in 1991 on an assault that happened in 1978. A matter of 13 years. Carroll says her attack occurred in either 1995 or 1996 and she’s saying something in 2019. That’s either 23 or 24 years later. She can’t remember when it happened but since it’s against Trump she must be telling the truth. Ya sure. You bettcha ya.

Well worth reading. Holly Sheer in The Federalist; How To Talk To Your Kids About Their Rights If They Are Ever Stopped By The Police. It applies to adults too.

Will it never end
: Now they, okay it’s only Elizabeth Warren, want to give gays and lesbians 50 million dollars in reparations. Hey, when do they give some to us COWG’s? (Cranky Old White Guy’s)

Nicholas Powers, a black professor of Literature at SUNY says “Seeing poor white people makes me happy”. Brother, I must make him ecstatic.

Has anyone ever considered what happens if an American went to Mexico and tied to vote? Why are we trying to make it easier here?

No “Madonna” Jesus would not agree with women having an abortion. Seems to me He was pretty sure all life was sacred. Maybe her Bible is different.

Attention : George Lopez, you can’t really “demand” anything. Period.

Why is it that all these “patriots” feel they have to wear masks?

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