Motes Of A Sunny Weekend

There is no stopping stupid: President Donald Trump’s “uncontrollable” jealousy will lead to “thousands of premature deaths,” actress Bette Midler warned in an apocalyptic social media rant on Thursday. “#trump’s uncontrollable jealousy of Barack Obama will lead to thousands of premature deaths from air pollution, wildfires, floods,” Bette Midler warned her Twitter followers. “What a small-minded, short-sighted little man.” Says the “Devine” has been.

Trust Me I Was A Star: Cher says that if Trump wins a second term, “There will be no America”. This from someone who promised to move out of America if Trump was elected, wants everyone to help a homeless person, but says her city (L.A.) doesn’t have the resources to help the homeless.

Today what passes for civility: It seems if you can’t dispute what the other person says, insult and degrade the person. Example? Well, let’s look at how the judiciary committee treated Hope Hicks. The insult was specific and nasty. Or how about the “Media Matters”, there’s a contradiction, and their attack on the wife of radio host and former Trump strategist Sebastian Gorka. MM’s lies, provably false comments and incendiary accusations on a non-public figure are reprehensible, at best.

We Have Lost Our Frekin’ Minds: In Alaska, the State Supreme Court has ruled that all “religions” must be given equal opportunity, so the Kenai Peninsula Borough opened it’s regional meeting Tuesday with a Satanic Invocation.

Jerry Springer Was A Piker: On Wednesday a Sacramento Police Officer was shot during a “domestic” call. As she lay, bleeding, the other officers came under fire from the barricaded suspect. A short distance away crowds gathered and taunted the back-up officers and called them “punks” and “cowards” for not rescuing their fallen comrade. An armored vehicle was finally used to bring the injured officer to safety. Sadly, the rescue was too late and the officer died. But the degrading cat calls and comments show us where we as a society, have devolved to a “bread and circus” mentality.

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