Let The Motes Begin

Headline (but no surprise): A trip to the ER? You might get a “surprise bill”. Really? Let’s see. My trip to the ER and my 5 ½ hour stay resulted in a 18 thousand 6 hundred and forty seven dollar bill. To say that was a surprise is an understatement.

Can anyone explain to me how the “Slave Reparations” will work? Will recipients have to show some kind of proof that their great,great,great,great ancestor was a slave? Or are they going to be paid just because of their skin color? Wait, isn’t that racist? Weren’t there a lot of Irish (white) slaves? How will it effect me? My father was Native American and my mother second generation American Irish. To my knowledge, no branch of my family ever was part of slavery. Why should I, or my taxes, have to pay?

Another Not A Surprise Headline: “Willie Nelson says he is the chief tester at his marijuana company”.

I remember as a kid I would send 3-4 weeks every summer at a YMCA “summer Camp”. You know, camp fires, sing-a-longs, arts and crafts. Not anymore. Now they have “Social Justice Summer Camp” in Portland OR. This is for children in the fourth to eighth grades. The poster includes a drawing of two young people, one wearing a mask and the other making the classic Marxist fist closed, arm raised power salute. I’m sorry, but children that age should be learning how to get along with each other, not how to protest “social injustice”. And they are children. To me, this is right up there with the child drag “queen” mentality. And this is “hosted” by a Portland “church”. And I use that word in quotes.

They just make this stuff up: Senator Chris Murphy (D-CT) says that universal back ground checks for firearms owners is more popular than “ baseball, kittens and apple pie.” He further claims, in public, that 11,400 people have died from gunshot wounds since the House passed a background bill on February 27th. Or roughly 100 people every day. He offered no substantiation or proof. He also neglected to say how a background check would have prevented even one of the “deaths”. Like I keep saying, they just make this stuff up as they go.

It has to say something about Mazie Hirono when the news media of her own state won’t report on what she has to say. (‘Cause it’s dumb?)

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