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Presidential Material : Pete Buttibig (whatever) took a break from his frantic campaign trail to return to South Bend, IN. There he met with the family of the man who was shot by a police officer after he was found breaking into cars, and then approached the officer with a knife raised. He meets with the family of the attacker, but apparently has no time for the officer or his family. He says; “the city will be hurting and we will be striving to reach out to community members, to community leaders, to keep the channels of communication open, even as we wait for more facts to come in,” First, it sounds to me like you don’t really care about the facts as you’ve already decided the attacker is the victim. Second, why don’t we try teaching people not to break into cars or approach cops with a knife in your hand. You know, stop treating criminals like victims. And this guy (Buttigieg) has raised 7 million dollars in campaign contributions, and doesn’t really stand a freaking chance. A lot of people want to waste their money. Or is this a “Springtime For Hitler” scenario?

Another Pop Singer I Don’t Listen to: Pop star turned political activist Taylor Swift mocked opponents of the LGBT movement, displaying them as angry, toothless, uneducated rubes in the music video. Now I don’t know if she includes me, as I am not exactly an opponent of the movement. I just don’t want it shoved in my face and then be told this is the new “norm”. On the other hand, I am educated, have my own teeth (I have a receipt), and I don’t think I qualify as a rube. Well, maybe.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you; There appears to be continuous discovery of people from Congo, Uganda, and Angola at the US Mexico border. They are claiming they are from Ecuador but speak with funny accents. Oh, they are also reported with pockets of US one hundred-dollar bills. Does anybody ask who’s funding them? Other than me.

There’s a push to recruit more females for the Honolulu Police Department by sharing stories of ladies currently on the force as inspiration. Women weren’t always allowed to join the force. According to a police historian, it didn’t become men and women in blue until the 1970’s. I remember when there were no women in uniform. I was there when the first few hit the streets. Says Honolulu Police Officer Shellene Ozaki , “a lot of females are mothers, aunties, so they have that really motherly touch. They can sometimes reach victims, complainants, on a different level or even relating to the suspect to cooperate more based on being more sensitive.” Sorry Officer Ozaki, we don’t need more sensitive and relating officers. We need cops that can do their job and keep the damn streets safe. I’m not saying all cops have to be men, just saying they have to be cops, first, last, and foremost.

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