Motes From An Open Mind ?

For me, not thee: “Lack of gun control is a huge problem.” Because Madonna says so, that’s why. Does anybody know how many bodyguards she travels with? Is it true she sends bodyguards with her daughter on dates?


Picture of Alyssia Milano standing at a podium giving, gasp, isn’t that a white power salute? Is that a Nazi Tattoo on her forearm? Does that mean she’s a white supremacist after all ? Milano is just the beginning. The actress is reportedly teaming with Atlanta mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms to develop a mobile app producers in Georgia can use to “guarantee we can spend money in places that will not fund voter suppression, inequality and the stripping away of anyone’s rights.” In others words, she wants to direct who spends what, where, in another state, where she does not reside and we better listen to her because she once was somebody. ? The industry employs around 90,000 people in Georgia. And they all better agree with her.I’m really glad she led the sex strike. Yes sir, that’ll show them all.

Does anyone remember James T. Hodgkinson ? Sure is easy to change or erase history.

Actress and comedian (?) Tiffany Haddish has “postponed” her scheduled show in Georgia because of the states abortion law. I’m sure this has broken many hearts. Oh, she doesn’t live in Georgia either.

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