Mote For A Weekend

Comment I can get behind: The left has won the cultural wars, now it’s just driving around shooting survivors. (Joe Rogan)

When is it sharp? Almost without fail, every time I talk knives with someone, somebody else has got to chime in with how they spend hours sharpening their knives with 15 grades of Japanese water stones and how the exact bevel is maintained during each stroke and if it is off they start all over again. Basically, they act as if this somehow turns them into a hero or that they are more “knifeyer” than me. They always act as if I am a heretic when I say I use my Worksharp system, spend three or fours minutes getting a razor-sharp edge, and don’t even own a water stone. Hey folks, sharp is sharp. I got no argument if you want to do the zen thing and spend all day, or all week, sharpening one knife. Me, I got too many other things to do.

Why do I have to “unsubscribe” from something I never “subscribed” to in the first place.

Did you see the head of that Siberian prehistoric wolf? How’d like that chasing you to gradma’s house? Run Red, Run.

A bully is a bully. Doesn’t matter if it is an individual, a group without a name, or a “political” or “social” action group with a stated purpose. A bully is still a bully, and if you give in once, they have won completely. Example, the U.S. Army War College has completely submitted to CAIR’s demand the college not let a specific speaker make his presentation. The reason? CAIR claims the speaker, Raymond Ibrahim, author of Sword and Scimitar: Fourteen Centuries of War Between Islam and the West, CAIR claims Ibrahim is a “racist”, a “white supremacist”, and his rhetoric will “incite” American soldiers to randomly killed Muslims everywhere. Pretty good trick for an ethnic Egyptian and native speaker of Arabic. The War College canceled the presentation at CAIR’s demand. The bully won.

Floridaman: I do really dumb shit. London Man: Here, hold my pint. Nottinghamshire Police are piloting the scheme where around 100 ‘no point’ knives will be handed to victims who have either been threatened or attacked with a knife. Police are concerned about the high level of knife-related incidents that happen in the home, and are hoping the new scheme has the potential to save lives. Is this the dumbest thing ever tried?

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