Motes As I See ‘Em

Forty-nine people were murdered and more than 50 others were injured at the downtown Orlando nightclub on June 16, 2016. Several of the 2020 Democratic candidates honored the third anniversary of the attack on Wednesday, including Sens. Cory (I am Sparticus)Booker (D-N.J.) and Kamala (
I own a gun but you shouldn’t) Harris (D-Calif.) and Rep. Eric (We’re going to kill everyone who doesn’t surrender their guns when we tell themSwalwell (D-Calif.), all who have made gun control legislation a primary campaign issue. But they all forget, or just ignore, the shooter repeatedly told authorities he was a soldier of ISIS, and referred to himself as an “Islamic soldier.” In other words, let’s blame the object, not the actual cause, the shooter. You see, the gun fits their scenario and the shooter, being a privileged class of non-American does not. Oh, and let’s make it about the victims sexual choice, and not worry that the shooters “religion” demands anyone making that “choice” be “stoned unto death”.

CNN’: “CIA operates it’s own world, You don’t investigate them.” Sounds like Air America during the 60’s and 70’s. You remember, when the Honolulu Chief of Police was also an officer, in the Army Reserve, in “Military Intelligence.” , and that crazy Asian War was in full swing. And Air America, that paragon of truth and Freedom had dozens of cargo planes full of whatever, parked at the old Lagoon Drive Hangers. Not to mentioned the several, to my personal knowledge, “federal agents” who were “unarrested” over firearms and other charges.

Forgot to mention: the anniversary of the passing of a truly great American. John Wayne, the Duke, passed away June 11, 1979.

Presidential Candidate Saunders says: “Socialism will spike taxes but Americans will be delighted to pay more” This from the guy with three houses, and life long pension and paid medical care,paid by those same taxpayers.

Very sorry to see that Sarah H. Sanders is leaving as white house spokesperson at the end of June, 19. She has stood straight and tall against the winds and gales of outraged press, the immature hazing in her private life, and the decidedly unclassy “comic” references from our late night “entertainers”. And she withstood all of it with class and style. She will be missed.

Pope Francis says “God” will destroy the walls between nations. What about those walls around the Vatican? Maybe He should start with those.

Prediction : The prerecorded disc market is about to disappear. At some point in the near future, UHD Blu-ray, Blu-ray, and standard DVDs will no longer be sold by Amazon and other retailers. When the day comes that only a handful of major streaming services, Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, and soon Disney and Apple will control the content that you are able to view. Then some films and television series that are now or in the future considered politically incorrect will begin to disappear. Think “Blazing Saddles”, or most of the movies made before 2000. This is why I literally have thousands (yes ‘s) of flims, “B” grade movies, top class movies, and favorite or obscure television shows on disc. Hey, someday I’ll retire and get to watch them.

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