Motes Ala’ Mode

Very sorry to hear; Steve Lawrence has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.
In a letter released by his spokesman Howard Bragman on Tuesday, the 83-year-old singer, best known as a member of the musical duo “Steve and Eydie” with his late wife Eydie Gormé, opened up about his recent diagnosis and how he’s coping with the news. His songs gave much pleasure to many people for many years. His voice will be missed.

Recently wanted to make an ebay purchase, but the company “doesn’t ship to Hawaii”. So I ask why? They respond they use UPS and UPS costs are too high currently. This is really kind of dumb as this company sends me an email solicitation at least twice a week and is located in Dana Point ,California. I guess they can’t take the time to use an envelope. Oh well, I’ll spend my $1,500 with someplace else with someone else.

Talk about a Bond Villain: North Korea despot Kim Un whatever, keeps coming up with new ways to execute his generals. This time it was with a tank full of South American piranha’s. It is reported the execution was inspired by a Bond movie and the fish and tank specially built for this purpose. Well, he thinks enough of his generals to come up with special ways to eliminate them. What a guy.

Great Presidential Material: It is reported that Joe Biden flip flopped on federal abortion payments because of pressure from Alyssa Milano. If he acts this way from a 3rd rate washed up actress/activist, what’s he gonna do with North Korea, China, or Russia? Oh, I know. He’ll have is son make millions of dollars while the country continues down the road to being a second rate country. Now Cher tells him he’d better stay straight because “women are the future. Don’t fxxx with us.” Yes sir, can’t wait for his election.

Recently found there was a “Dumb Street Fight” web site. In 72 years I’ve never seen a smart street fight.

At the risk of repeating myself, it’s 3 am, I live on the 11th floor, I can hear your music. IT’S TOO DAMN LOUD.

Good Life Rule:
Sometimes you have to sit back, drink a few whiskeys and accept the shit you can’t change

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