Thank Goodness It’s Moteday

Last blog I wrote about the Dutch girl that had been Euthanized. It appears the numerous sources I checked were all wrong. The young girl was not euthanized. As it turns out, Pothoven was allowed by her family to starve herself to death, which is hardly a good thing. But she was not, as the English-language media reported, put to death under Dutch law. Yeah, and allowing your child to starve herself to death, while you watch, is so much better. I apologize for incorrectly stating this story. I do stand with my opinions as stated. Where will it end?

A man suffering from acute Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) went on an anti-Trump rampage at the sight of Trump supporters at a rally in Los Angeles on Sunday. The unidentified man, who was later arrested, was so enraged at the sight of the MAGA hat-clad rallygoers that he parked his car in the middle of the street and charged them. The man’s shocked family watched from the car as he assaulted and spat on the Trump supporters. Just for the record, here is a record of recent attacks;

Against Trump Supporters: May 3Asians Harassed in D.C. for Wearing MAGA Hats Were North Korean Defectors; April 2019Maryland Man in MAGA Hat Beaten and Robbed in Latest Politically Motivated Attack; April 2019: Model Assaults #WalkAway Founder Brandon Straka at the Airport for Wearing a MAGA Hat; April 2019Mexican-American Trump Supporter Attacked in California Post Office for Wearing MAGA Hat; April 2019California Woman Spazzes Out, Tries to ‘Shame’ Elderly Man in MAGA Hat at Starbucks; March 2019: Florida School Bus Aide Harangues Boy with MAGA Hat, Rips It off His Head ; March 2019Man in MAGA Hat Mobbed, Has Hat Stolen as Stephon Clark Protest Spirals out of Control in Sacramento; Feb. 2019Mass. Woman Charged with Assault After Attacking MAGA Hat-Wearing Man in Bar; Feb. 2019Store Clerk in Kansas Curses Out MAGA Hat-Wearing 14-Year-Old; Feb 2019: Man Pulls a Gun on Sam’s Club Customer Wearing MAGA Hat.

By Trump Supporters; Jussie Smoulet. (it counts, right?)

Hollywierd Hypocrite: Liam Neeson has another revenge movie out I won’t bother to watch.

There have been 50 women strangled to death in Chicago since 2001. There have been NO arrests. Women involved have had histories of sex work and drug abuse. It is highly unlikely “these women were murdered by 50 separate men.” There are no comments on any evidence etc recovered at the scenes, but numbers of family members are requesting DNA tests for the cases. Ya Think?

Aww, Poor Widdle Snowfakes: A number of NBA teams have been considering ditching the term “owner” and high-level conversations have taken place over the past year. These conversations have focused on the idea that the term “owner” feels racially insensitive in a league that is predominantly made up of black players. How about calling them “BOSS“. No that’s insensitive too. How about, the guy that signs the checks?















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