And The Motes Keep Coming

Make Dog fighting legal:  U.S. Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) is feeling the heat from animal welfare advocates after comments he made during his “town-hall” Monday night. When asked about his stance on animal rights, King responded by suggesting that dog fighting is akin to humans fighting for sport. No, humans can choose to fight or not, animals don’t have that choice. There is no such thing as sport to an animal. It’s life or death. As a police officer I once helped to disband and prosecute a dog fighting ring on the north shore. One of my proudest moments came with those guilty verdicts.

The only person who seems to put her foot in her mouth more than A.O.C. is Alyssa Milano, who now says Jon Vought is irrelevant. He’s won 4 golden  globes (nominated 11 times) and an Academy Award. He started  acting in 1967 and continues today. Milano has “acted” since 86, has won some “Teen Choice” awards but has never been nominated for a G.G. or A.A. Now she somehow thinks she is relevant and entitled to tell us peasants, and the state governments, how to run our lives. Is a “has been” better than a “never was”?

A jilted Florida man set fire to a love rivals Harley Davidson at gas station parking lot. Just wrong. Put a snake in his bed, have him picked up by the police for deviant sex with animals, but burn his hog? That’s just wrong.

There is a difference; A woman, living in London, spent $20 million dollars at Harrods in London. Purchases included $38K on chocolate in one day. Her husband was an Azerbaijani banker. And he’s in jail.  Zamira Hajiyeva, the wife of a jailed Azerbaijani banker, is the first person to be targeted  in the UK, following the introduction of so-called “McMafia” anti-corruption laws last year. She was served with an U.N. “Unexplained Wealth Order (UWO)“. Now the U.N. wants to know where your money is coming from.



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