Motes For The Day

Regarding all the hohaha about the deep state, the Steel dossier, Hilary’s misuse of emails, inter-agency spying and all that claptrap; My prediction is no one involved will ever do a day jail time. NOT ONE PERSON-NOT ONE DAY.  There, prove me wrong. Please.

Just a comment. I live on the eleventh floor. If I can hear your car stereo, it’s too damn loud. Just in case you’ve already gone deaf, IT’S TOO DAMN LOUD.

So I go to the Big Island to calm down. These help. From my front yard.


By Evan Horowitz: People are getting dumber. (No kidding.) That’s not a judgment; it’s a global fact. In a host of leading nations, IQ scores have started to decline. He continues on to talk about the median IQ, how general population scores are dropping and makes a good argument backed with scientific facts.                                                         Oh crap, another 15 seasons of KUWTK

You gotta love the Brits. The Sun headline; I just found out my secret lesbian lover is my boyfriends Mum.   The sun will never set on the British empire.

Amazon is working on a device that can read human emotions. Wow, they’ve re-invented the mood ring, with speakers.

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