Motes Of An Undetermined Origin

No, They Don’t Read Their Own Bills: NY State Senate Democratic Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins is going to save New Yorkers from the scourge of undetectable guns. Again. Along with all the other laws on the books Ms. Stewart wants to add an additional law. Supporters said the ban on firearms that are undetectable by X-ray machines will save lives and bolster New York’s gun laws, which are among the strongest in the nation. Apparently, she never heard of the Undetectable Firearms Act ’88 . Yes, 1988; undetectable guns have been unlawful for 31 years. That’s puts her down in the same low IQ bracket as , well, all politicians. And just for information, to my knowledge there is no such thing as the “undetectable firearm.

I don’t understand all the journalists for socialism. Who is usually the first group to be sent for “re-education” after a socialist government takes over? Hey NYT reporters, how you gonna like those Montana Camp winters?

What they really think of you: Rep. Omar says “Ignorance really is pervasive in many parts of the country”. This from the anti-Semite who married her brother. And she’s right, there are a lot of ignorant voters, after all they elected her.

When did John Cusak become such an expert on, well anything? At a recent baseball game during a “military salute”, he decided he’d stand when he was good and ready. And is all bent out of shape that the fans took pictures and posted them. Then he decided, against field rules ( and possibly the law), he’d have a smoke (or vape), in the middle of the crowd, and now he tweets (or is he a twit) this to describe those around him as “Flag sucking halfwits – maga deathkkkult freaks“. Good thing his career is already over. Now I don’t have to not see anymore of his bad movies.

I recently read a chilling account of a white South African farmer and his wife’s torture, his death, and the two “freedom fighters” that did it. They were killed simply because they were white, owned a farm, and were unable to defend themselves from the two men that had been their employees. Now I read about the beating death of a prominent S. F. woman, who continued to speak out against the numerous attacks and murders of white S.A. farmers and their families. She was beaten to death with a hammer and a pipe.    Many of the white families have been South Africans for 2 or 3 generations, and yet the S.A. government ( the ANC) has seen fit to appropriate their lands, livestock, and without actually saying so, their lives.   BAWA  Australia is accepting many of those farmers wishing to leave S.A. Maybe America should help them with legal entry. We could use more good farmers. 

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