And The Motes Keep Coming


Disgusting Term: As used in the headlines; I find the term “Womb Raider” incredibly insensitive and wrong. It is referring to a woman who cut a baby from his dead mother’s womb and then covered in that blood took the infant to an ER for treatment.  She and her boyfriend may have killed the mother, and then taken the baby. The term, an un-cute play on the old movies, is to me unseemly light hearted, and extremely heavy handed, but just wrong no matter how it used.

Father Of The Year: An Oregon dad faked a robbery and used his daughters $700 Girl Scout cookie money to pay for erotic massage. (More than 1, I hope.) Dad, 40, pleaded guilty Monday to filing a false police report. He staged a break-in at this home in Forest Grove, near Portland, in March. During the investigation for the break-in and his “assault“(had to go there didn’t he) the police found his story didn’t hold up. So now he admits to making the whole thing up and is facing false report charges. Oh, this is Oregon not Chicago, so he might face punishment. How does he face his daughter? And how does she face anyone?

 My Observation: States that are going to the “popular vote” decision on their electoral votes. I don’t agree with them, but they are following the “Tenth Amendment” in making their own decision. Or are they? I wonder if it’s the electorate making this change, you know the voters, or the elected, making this move in a bid to regain power no matter what the people want. I know which why I’d bet.

In Seattle, a city council member, a “Socialist Alternative ” party member, says speed bumps and flower beds will stop drive by shootings. When will the majority of people realize, and act on, the fact these people are nuts?  Like the man says, “You can’t fix stupid”. But you can elect it.

Personally: in regards to the milkshake throwing crap that’s going on, I’d say go ahead. But understand I’m going to treat it like it really is, an assault, and I will respond the same way as I would if anyone assaults me or my family. It won’t turn out good for the other guy. But hey, it’s better than moose poop.

The Honorable Representative Hirono speaks to 8th graders. ( For the mathematically challenged, that would put them in the 12-13 year old  frame.) Government? Nope. Liberty? Nada. Hawaii? No. She talks to them about Abortion rights, repealing the “Hyde Amendment” (which prohibits taxpayer funds being used to pay for most abortions), and asking loaded biased questions “‘How many of you boys think the government should be telling girls and women when and if we’re going to have babies?’” .It appears I’m using the address “Honorable” with it’s widest possible meaning.


On the other hand, this IS an honorable guy. This is my brother Mike Woundy, We have ridden, celebrated, and fought off marauding hordes together for over 35 years. You just can’t have too many friends like him.

One thought on “And The Motes Keep Coming

  1. Some folks on the left are completely off the rails. I think they will self destruct at some point.

    Have a fabulous day and weekend. 🙂


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