Pointed Motes

Disappeared from the headline; the guy that threw the child off the 5th floor at the Mall of America has pled guilty. Boy, that one didn’t generate any waves did it? He admits he went to the mall to kill someone. Just like that. You are never safe, be aware. Also, didn’t see many reports on his name change.

Also disappeared from any page. Invited Imam gives noon prayer at congress, filled with anti-semitic rhetoric. Fits right in.

Comment regarding crossbow deaths in Germany. Bizarre dbsm sex cult. (Google it) Some very seriously messed up people. How determined do you have to be to commit suicide, with a crossbow?

In the perfect socialist  Sweden there have been over 50 explosions, this year. These have been attributed to hand grenades or IED’s.  In 2017 the police were dealing with 211 explosions. During 2018 the number dropped slightly to 162. So far this year there has been over 50 explosions in Sweden.In April this year, a 12-year-old girl was injured in an explosion. I’m sure she deserved it.

Everyone’s nicer in Las Vegas. (Not really.) A 27 year old woman pushes a 74 year old man off the bus after he suggests she “be nice’. It killed him. She really should have taken his advice.

Sometimes when a comedian is performing poorly, it is said he “couldn’t get arrested”. In Naples Florida (surprise) an audience member called the police when comedian Ahmed Ahmed made some jokes about middle-easterners. That made a guy and his wife “nervous”.  So they called the Sheriff’s office. Ahmed says the Deputy was polite and understanding, but he didn’t get arrested. Notice I am avoiding the “bombed” jokes here.

I hate to jump on the bandwagon, but a Kenyan citizen, living in America illegally, has been arrested in Dallas for investigation of 12 murders, and more are suspected. Police are reviewing 750 (seven hundred and fifty) “unattended deaths” for possible links.

Shouldn’t need to be said: Austrians are being told to stop kissing French cows. It started off as a fund raising challenge but has seemed to get a little out of hand.               Ya think?

Anybody find it ironic that the Governor of Alabama who just signed a highly contested abortion law, is a woman? Remember the woman that glued her boobs to the sidewalk to protest global warming? Now model Emily Ratajkowski has posted a nude photo of herself to social media last Thursday to protest the Alabama Human Life Protection Act, the strictest abortion law in the nation. That’ll teach ‘em.

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