Outraged Motes

Wtf people:

Fans don’t like the way a tv show turns out so they start a petition to have the season rewritten; 75 colleges have segregated ( one race only) graduations; civility has disappeared; workers get offended or triggered when you ask them to do the job they’re getting paid to do; nobody digs up dirt on anyone because now they  just make it up as they go; we are constantly witnessing “outrage” mobs, and just plain mobs (later identified as “groups”); the MSM gets caught in mistakes or outright lies and never see’s fit to apologize, print a retraction or even admit they were wrong and this is while they only cover what they think is important news;  ESPN is surprised that sports fans don’t want to talk politics; history is questioned, criticized, and re-written (how the hell do you do that); nobody seems to know or agree on when life begins, and then they argue about when they can end it; anybody who disagrees is a racist, a Nazi, or a bigot, even if there is no evidence; it’s ok to steal from people you don’t agree with because you have the moral “high “ ground (maybe some are higher than others);  movie stars (and that’s a pretty subjective title) and sports figures are lecturing everyone on who’s good, who’s bad and how to live your life as if for some reason they have an ultimate say.                  Did I miss something here?

2 thoughts on “Outraged Motes

    1. Well, they did say if Trump got elected everything would go to hell. They just didn’t say it would be their doing. Thanks for the comments and likes. Really interested in what you thought of “Here There Be Dragons”?

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