Heroic (well, 1) Motes

I read a recent article from friend John Farnham’s DTI Quips. He was praising Denver school shooting survivor Nate Holley. This young boy, 12 years old, decided he was not a victim. Rather he armed himself with a baseball bat and appeared to be ready to defend himself and his school mates and teachers. It is unworthy that the rest of our MSM has chosen to write about the dead, and the killers, rather than this fine young man. And those that do mention him call him “ill-advised” and “misguided”. We should call him what he is, A HERO. Well done Nate, well done.

Hollyweird Hypocrite: Alyssa Milano (again) is very upset that an 11 year old girl, in Ohio, couldn’t get a late term abortion. I agree with her that is not a good thing. Something should have been done about this much much sooner. On this we agree. In anger she breaks her cell phone. ( Boy that’ll show them.) But I don’t hear anything from her about the eleven-year old boy who performs as a “drag queen”, praised for his performance’s in adult clubs, and has signed a contract with Converse. If I was to suggest such a performance for an 11-year-old girl, anywhere, let alone an adult club with adults staring and throwing money on stage, I’d be hanged. And rightly so. (As should the male individual responsible for this pregnancy. There isn’t a hole deep enough in hell for him.)

When elected Kamala Harris will “expand” the list of prohibited gun buyers. Her list included fugitives (already against the law), firearms dealers who don’t follow the law (already against the law) and she will close the “boyfriend loophole” ( of which I have never heard)  which will allow and ex-girlfriend (or casual acquaintance) to to prevent a man’s 2nd amendment rights if an arbitrary threshold of infraction is met. ( IE; I think he’s dangerous. Boom.)

And her friend, also running for POTUS, and fellow Democrat, Kristine Gillibrand likes to make promises she’ll never have to keep. She promises to start “action” with the SCOTUS if they don’t agree with her. But only after she’s elected POTUS. “It’s the rule of law.” That’s a promises she’ll never have to keep.

All of these people calling for a Federal Abortion Law keep ignoring the one thing standing in the way , that pesky thing called the ”X Amendment” ( X as in tenth) , also known as “States Rights” “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.” You know, the voters, the people that live in that state, the people that pay the taxes.


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