Ring Around The Motes

Hawaiian Spaghetti pizza from Domino’s? Fortunately, it’s only available in New Zealand. Why didn’t they call it a Maori pizza? I remember when Anna Bananas (now Anna O’Briens) had pineapple and peanut butter pizza. Yeah, we’ll put that on a side burner for now. At least until the 50th anniversary in July.

Speaking of NZ, their Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, cannot understand the US “inaction” on gun control. After the recent shooting there, “New Zealand” swiftly banned semi-automatic weapons, high capacity magazine es, and the ever-popular assault weapons. In an interview with Christine Amanpour (there’s an unbiased reporter if I ever saw one) the Prime Minister, responding to carefully worded questions, talked about how she got the bans in place in 26 days and can’t understand why the U.S. can’t do the same. I have an answer for that “why”. It’s called the U. S. Constitution. We are governed by the “will of the people” and not the will of the elected. Sadly, that is an idea that is very swiftly being overturned. Check K. Harris and her “I will ban guns through executive orders” idea.

Regarding Kamala Harris ; she recently published a “kitchen” photo. I thought only “Mrs. Cleaver” cooked in heels and pearls.

Harvard, that bastion of education and “progressive” thinking will be having its third segregated graduation. I thought we had done away with segregation in the 60’s. Oh, this is for blacks only by blacks only and is separate from the Hispanic’s only graduation. Well it’s only evil when the white man does it. Right?

Biden says the 2nd amend does not say you’re “entitled” to own a gun. Entitled? Maybe entitled is the wrong word. I don’t think I’m “entitled” to anything. I have read the Constitution. I have earned my rights as an American. What about the part where it says, “the right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed”? Hey Joe, because I’m not entitled to own, doesn’t mean you are entitled to infringe. Keep your hands to yourself. (Oh, you’ve been told that before.)

Now the term is “Baby Daddy”. Not Father, not husband, not spouse. Pretty much sums up the attitude don’t it? See, a Father has to take part in the raising of the child. So does a husband or spouse. But “Baby Daddy”, not so much. Why don’t they just call them “sperm donor”. As in “My baby’s sperm donor is Leroycenickeddy”

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