Motes From An Old Tune

It used to be you had to “drop a dime” to the authorities to be a snitch. It meant you used a cheap pay phone, there were no cellphones then.  Now there is a “Snitch app” where you can report darn near anything, even if it’s not illegal.  Can’t vouch for its legitimacy or its use. Just throwing it out here.

The recent essay by Dennis Prager is well worth reading: Coming Home From College. Prager is an intelligent and well spoke radio host that along with “Prager U” is trying to bring some great thinking back to America. He’s well worth some time listening. IMHO

From Dave Barry’s column; Just for a giggle  : US Treasury To Accuse Vietnam Of Manipulating Its Dong. (Remember the “Dong” is the VN monetary unit).

Fact/Fiction. Headline Reads: Travelling Carnival worker admits to being a serial killer. I’ve seen that story line in everything from “Criminal Minds”, to “CSI” and even “Sons of Anarchy”. We need to regulate those carny workers. It’s for the children.

I watched “The Dark Side Of The Ring” on VICE tv. It tells the back stories of some of professional wrestling’s most famous, or infamous, happenings. It was with special interest I watched the Von Erich episode. Once considered the “first family” of wrestling, the years took 5 of the 6 brothers. In wrestling it’s often referred to as the “Von Erich Curse”. Cancer took patriarch Fritz in 1997. I was fortunate enough to meet and work with both Kerry, who now lives on Kauai, and Kevin. I remember both young men, who were top shelf stars at the time, as kind, helpful, and friendly to the announcer guy when they really didn’t have to. When I met him, Kerry had just gotten married and was doing a sort of working honeymoon. A devout Christian family, the events that befell family would make any man ask “why”.


When you fly, be sure and use TSA Approved locks on your baggage. That way they know which ones are easiest to cut. That TSA paper says, specifically, they are NOT reasonable for replacement.

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