Motes Of A Forgotten Land

How Out Of Touch Are They?  Alyssa Milano and Bette Midler are all but hurt over Georgia’s “Heart Beat” abortion law. So they want all the women to say “NO” to sex until that state changes it’s law. Now to my knowledge neither one of them lives in Georgia. Somehow they feel it’s their right to demand everyone think as they do. Actor Dean Cain feels somewhat different. His response (in my words); if you don’t live there, it ain’t none a your business. Either move there and claim residency or sit down and shut up.             Let’s face it, it’s not like Milano or Midler are doing all that much in Hollyweird anyway.

Gun control really works; Five people have been shot to death with crossbows in Germany. What we need is “Strong bow” control next? It’s for the children.

We say our good-byes; Peggy Lipton, 72. She was the “hot hippy” of the Mod Squad tv fame. She was married to Quincy Jones for years.                                                                 And we say “Good-bye” Tim Conway. His list of accolades is huge, but when Harvey Korman and Conway did “Who’s On First”, it was nothing short of perfect. He will be missed.

Hoisted on their own petard: NPR fact checks Dept Of Education “school shootings report”. Report claimed there had been nearly 240 school shootings. NPR called every one of those schools. Two thirds of the schools say it  didn’t happen. Eleven actual events could be confirmed and 59 could be neither confirmed or denied which means 170 were either made up or misreported. But these are the people in charge of educating our kids.

She (Tlaib) keeps referring to Palestine as “her” country. I can’t find anything to show she’s ever been there. If that’s how it works, I declare I am now the King Of Monaco

“Thisainthell” is open again only under the banner “Stolen Valor”. Welcome back.

Sat at the Hilo airport the other day and had a talk with local entertainer Kalani Pe’a. He is the nephew of my old beat partner Turner Pe’a. A nice young man with incredible talent. From the years I spent working with his uncle, it runs in the family.

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