Motes In A Basket

If you haven’t watched “A Dogs Way Home” I cannot recommend it highly enough. Directed by Charles Martin Smith, (Terry the Toad in American Graffiti). This family movie has some incredible scenes between animals that must be seen to be believed. I’m pretty sure  it was cgi’d , but they are flat out incredible scenes. And have some tissues ready at all times. As far as the human actors; Edward James Olmos was terrific, I didn’t even realize it was him; and  Wes Studi, being one of my favorite actors, was just perfect in his part. The whole movie was a joy to watch and I will watch it again. (Even if they were fake mountain lions.) Oh, and the main dog is a shelter rescue animal.

“Alibaba” founder, Jack Ma, urges his employees and their partners to “have sex marathons every day”. He is reputed to be China’s richest man (that’s in a wholly communist society remember). His workers do six-12 hour shifts now, and he wants them to go home and have sex every day. Now I don’t know what “Alibaba” does, but I’m pretty sure that everyone is supposed to be “equal” in a communist society, so how does he become “China’s Richest Man”? And does he have sex 6 times a week? And with who? Just askin’ for a friend.

Doris Day has past. She had given so much joy to movie goers, music fans, and of course Burt Reynolds. She, and her wonderful voice and presence, will be missed. A list of her hit songs and great movies would be huge, but she was the girl next door for a lot of us.

Presidential candidate C. Booker says “prayers and thoughts” is bullshxt. Hey Spartacus, why don’t you ask the victims or their families how they feel.? Oh that’s right, you’re too busy dancing on the blood of their loved ones.

And speaking of mass shooters; why isn’t anyone celebrating the equality of finally getting a gay and a transsexual mass shooters. Seems to me this is what everyone wants, equality in all matters. Well maybe not all matters.

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