Motes of A Saturday Origin

I’ve been watching “Knight Fall”, the story of the fall of the Knights Templar. I knew the story from my days in DeMolay, a Masonic Order for young men. A fictionalized account of the betrayal, backstabbing, and hatred from the royal court who borrowed money from the Templar and figured the best way to not pay it back was to execute them all. Matthew Marsh acted as Jacques DeMolay. I was a “DeMolay” in high school and then worked with DeMolay chapters in Honolulu and Okinawa while in the Military. I was in fact, “Knighted” for my work with the Okinawa Chapter.  I was inducted into “The Chivalric Knights of the Holy Order of the Fellow Soldiers of Jacques DeMolay.

South Africa giving the ANC “just one more chance”. As if 25 years isn’t enough to prove, well whatever the ANC has proven. “One man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter”. There is some speculation that the African National Congress (ANC) is a direct “descendent” of the Kenyan Mau Mau. (Google it)

You Are Not In Control: In Washington State, a Seattle-area school district has urged teachers to bless Muslim students in Arabic during the holy month of Ramadan and give them preferential treatment, including skipping tests. Dieringer School District is officially endorsing Islam and is following a script by the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) that urges schools to make special accommodations for Muslim students. But you still can’t say “Merry Christmas” or “He has risen”.

In California they have ok’d a new set of “sex education guideline”, despite the objections of parents and protesters.

Maybe there’s hope after all: Survivors of a Colorado school shooting walked out of a vigil for their slain classmate Wednesday night in protest of politicians and other groups using it as a platform for gun control, a local report said. The students were advocating better “mental health”, not gun control. “What has happened at STEM is awful. But it’s not a statistic. We can’t be used as a reason for gun control. We are people, not a statement,” one student said, according to video by KUSA.

 “More education, not legislation and regulation” was the cry SBU used to fight helmet laws. Seems pretty much the same here, don’t it?

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