Tuesday With A Mote

Diana Ross feels violated by TSA.  It appears she was subject to an “enhanced search” at the airport. See what happens when you don’t fly private jet? You have to put up with the same thing all of us peasants have to do. Oy Vey I go through it every weekend. That’s okay Ms. Ross, you don’t have anything they haven’t grabbed before.

In Toronto; a “small apartment” was found to contain 300 cats. Search was based on a neighbor’s “complaint”. (Ya think.) Workers said they were “unprepared” for the sight (and smell) that greeted them at the door. Interestingly enough, the animals were free of fleas and illnesses. While some appeared a little under nourished it is obvious to me the “owner” truly tried to take care for the animals and it got way out of hand.

Tom Arnold, has gone full retard. (Never go full retard.) He says he’d vote for “a Nazi” over Trump. This comes from the guy who got his “career” started by being Mr. Rosanne Barr.

ANOTHER Political Hypocrite: Openly gay  PA state Representative  Brian Sims should be removed from office. Not because he’s gay, but because he’s a PoS. He verbally harasses and belittles a woman who did nothing more than kneel outside a Planned Parenthood clinic and began to say the prayers of The Rosary. In his own video he repeatedly calls her “old white lady”, belittles her Christian Faith (try that in a Muslim community), hurled an unending torrent of questions without waiting for answers, called her a “bible bully”, and threatened to lead a protest outside her home. And he appears proud of this. This is his idea of civil discourse? He calls her a “bully”? Look in the mirror you Jerk. And why is he screaming about Planned Parenthood?                                         Like the woman told the Pope, “you no play the game, you no make the rules”.

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