Motes In The Hourglass

Imagine if you will;  your company hires a new employee, one with no experience but some potential. The new employee works a few months, maybe a year. Suddenly, this employee demands the company president fire the supervisor, and replace them with someone of the employees choosing, say a gay, trans-sexual person of color. Non-negotiable demands on how to run the company. Tells the president from now on the company can only hire who the employee wants. Silly?                                                          Isn’t this what is actually happening on many college and university’s?

In Virgina, a drunk woman was arrested with a suitcase full of cats. To me, this leaves a lot of unanswered questions. Where they her cats? Would it have okay if she had been sober? Remember, you can carry moose poop through the airport, how about a bag of cats? A bag of cat poop? I stay awake at night thinking about stuff like this.

Recently there have been reports of a tiger swimming in the Rio Grande. Pictures have been posted. Maybe a cartel pet got out of the “cage”? Last year a cartel member was arrested at the border with 2 tiger kittens in his bag. Sell millions of dollars of dope and you can have one too.

The other night I re-watched “The Producers”, one of Mel Brooks greatest movies. In case you don’t know the story, a Broadway “Producer” discovers that it doesn’t matter how many investors, and how big their percentage, if the show is a flop nobody asks for their money back. Then I thought of Solyndra, Vistria, Ener1, and Rockport Capitol Partners. I have to wonder how much taxpayer money was spent on these flops.

Long over due; The U.S., under President Trump, for the first time, has sent a delegation to the Auschwitz (google it)for the International March of the Living. About time. This was started in 1988 and this is the 1st time.

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