Motes of another color..

Today marks the Fall of Saigon.

Aloha to Hawaii musical genius Jon DeMello. Your talent and leadership will be missed.

“Please, let me explain”. HR (House Resolution) 1222 encourages the Federal Government to assist in the building of more public shooting ranges. Then, when they take away all those awful guns, the area can be re-tasked as a golf driving range, for members only of course.

E-Mail I wish I’d never received; “Hot Hot Hot…Bums with no panties”.                              Is that like naked wino’s? Horny homeless?…..My eyes, my eyes.

The “annual Swim Suit” issue of Sports Illustrated features a model wearing a Hijab and a “Burkini”. Does anyone think SI or its models are in any way relevant?

I am a news junkie. But I am so tired of seeing; “this is your last free article. Please join for xxx$$$…” instead of the article I wanted to read. So tired.

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