Busy Little Motes

And you thought Seattle was bad? In Everette WA a truck “full of human waste” overturned, fouling traffic for several hours. How much waste do you ask? They had to move it with snow plows. Yes, there is something in the wind.

New Stupid from AOC. She claims that the Veterans Hospitals are wonderful and doing a terrific job. What she doesn’t explain is there have been three vet suicides, in VA hospital lobbies and parking lots, in the past month. On top of that there are 22 vet suicides every day. That’s 1 every 65 minutes. Yeah, great job. And like I said before, that doesn’t count the ones that drank and drugged  themselves into an early “natural causes” or accidental death.

The newest president of Ukraine is a 41 year old television comedian. Geez, Fallon and the others are going to have an easy week.

Punishment Fit The Crime? Well, no. A Texas couple have been sentenced to seven years in prison, plus a bunch of probation and fines, for keeping a Guinean “girl” in slavery for 16 years. The girl, unnamed, was beaten, threatened, and mistreated the  entire time. The couple, themselves illegal aliens, are related to Guinea’s first president. BAWA

Impeach Trump!  Impeach 45! We Must Impeach! Impeach Immediately!  “The facts are in the Mueller report.” So far, none of these “representatives” have stated a specific cause for impeachment. Not One Single Specific Cause.

Am I the only one that feels it’s okay to attack and kill or maim Christians, as long as you don’t call them Christians? You know, Easter Church Goers, Church and Hotel bombing victims, Yazidi civil war victims . Just don’t call them Christians.

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