Irritated Motes

Let’s start off with presidential canidate Pete Buttigeig, former mayor of South Bend IN. Guy has really impressive educational cred’s (Harvard, Oxford, Pembroke). But again does not represent anyone but himself. His latest ? He wants to completely ban/confiscate firearms, no matter what the Constitution says, and he wants to start by saying anyone on Social Security cannot own firearms. Somehow he feels that this is government money and that makes the recipient  like someone living in welfare housing, subject to a different set of rules. Sorry, I paid, and am still paying, into “my” SS account. It’s my money, not yours or the governments.  But you don’t get to tell me it’s your money and I have to do what you say.

Smollett; Charges Dismissed = Exoneration             Mueller Report; There was no collusion= Trump rigged the investigation.

Clint Eastwood is doing a movie about Richard Jewell. A 34 yo hero who, in 1996 at the Atlanta Summer Olympics, saved many  lives by doing the unselfish thing, his job, and had his entire life destroyed by a “profiler”. He died at age 44, much too young.  Another trial by media accusation.

I feel  for Notre Dame and the people of France. But all of a sudden, woken “architects” are calling for the rebuild to include “minarets”. These, if you don’t know, are the traditional spot where the Islamic call to prayer comes from. What’s next, the Statue of Liberty in a burka?

Finally some balls. George Mason University tells it’s students Justice Kavanaugh is teaching a summer class.  Whether the students like it or not. One protester asked “ what extent did you consider the mental health of the survivors?” Survivors of WHAT? Another trial by media accusation.

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