Brand New Motes

Polly don’t want a cracker: The world’s “fattest” parrot, a kakapo, really came through this year. The little guy has fathered  (I think that’s the right word) 249 eggs, this year.  Since the girls of his species only get horney every 2 to 4 years I can see his being eager.

Baseball and hockey teams are dropping the playing of Kate Smith’s “God Bless America”. They’re offended by something she recorded in 1939, 80 years ago. Ms. Smith passed in 1986. To me it is ludicris to apply today’s mores and standards to that different time. It just don’t work. Oh, by the way, she recorded the song with one of the greatest voices, black or white, of any time, Paul Robeson. And yes, he was black.

In Oklahoma there are over 500 independent school districts. Recently a bill to adopt a set teacher/student guideline, to include texting, “social interaction”, and sex; the bill FAILED. Maybe it was not strict enough? It is the “bible belt”.

Not Reported By MSM: the individual recently charged with throwing a 5 year old child, off the third story at the Mall Of America, had legally changed his name to Emmanuel Aranda. His former name you ask; Abdisaid Mohammed. Make whatever you want out of it.

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