Motes Upon The River

From the “Me, not Thee” file; presidential hopeful K.Harris openly opposes gun ownership, despite owning a handgun for “personal safety” herself. If nominated, will she surrender her weapon? Wouldn’t matter, she’ll be covered by the Secret Service. Hypocrisy ?

Too Much TV; In Florida, a high school student attempted a pro-wrestling move known as the “RKO” on his principal. It didn’t work and he got a lesson in why rasslin’ is not real. However, he immediately grabbed his phone and videoed a promo for his next match, with the police.

Is “sleazy journalist” redundant?

I’ve mentioned I returned to stand-up comedy a while back. After a 35-year hiatus. I’ve had some good crowds, some bad crowds, and some that were brutal. But nothing like Ian Cognito at the “Lone Wolf Comedy Club”. In stand-up, failure to get laughs is called “dying” on stage. Well, Ian did us all one better, he actually died. As in deceased. Boy, I’d hate to be the next comedian up.

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